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Seller typeTrade
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ScopeWatch, box and original papers
Case materialSteel
Bracelet materialIsofrane


In 1998, second generation watchmaker and fellow of the British Horological Institute Simon Michlmayr spent 29 days walking from Canada to the North Pole and that was where he designed the Meridian Prime

While on the expedition, Simon wore a Swiss watch from a highly renowned brand and discovered that despite the manufacturer’s aspirations for it to be a practical tool watch, it was virtually useless. He needed something that he trusted to expose to the elements, which he could read easily at a glance and on which he could totally rely not to let him down.

On his return to England, Simon resolved to design and manufacture a practical, hardwearing wristwatch that would be a “tool, not a toy”.

Manufactured almost entirely in Simon’s home city of Norwich, England (the base caliber is Swiss), each case and back are manufactured as a pair, which means that they fit together perfectly and uniquely providing water-resistance to 1000 feet.

This glass is treated with internal and external anti-reflective coating to military specification and has virtually no glare whatsoever other than under the most extreme provocation.

While not a ‘Blackout’, this Meridian Prime Black is pretty dark overall with black dial and hands but with bright white markers that can be seen across a room so they fit Simon’s original brief perfectly.  The Steveo strap with its signature roller buckle is black with white stitching.

Supplied with a watch case and of course the papers, this Meridian Prime comes with a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer.

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