“Here’s something interesting…”

Welcome to you all, to what I hope will turn into a regular thing, the “Here’s something interesting”, Chrono Times!

What is this all about then?

Well, before I get into that, I had better introduce myself.  My name is Simon Kelly and I have recently joined ChasingChrono.com to create an active dealer-lead forum, platform, newsletter, or blog (call it what you will!) which highlights “something interesting”.

That could be anything from an unusual watch; have you seen the Cartier “Dragon Mystery” on our website for example?  Take a look here

What an extraordinary watch and I wonder what story it might tell, or will tell in the future?

Or it could be “something interesting” within the watch industry as a whole…

Rolex is always a hot topic, what about the perennial question… Where do all the Stainless-Steel models go?

“Something interesting” could be to highlight your business, what makes you and your business “tick” (pardon the pun) and what got you into the watch business in the first place.

I want this to be a broad “dealer-lead” channel, so let me know “Something Interesting”!

To kick things off…

So, “Here’s something interesting” … Chasing Chrono; a new “UK-centric” dealer sales platform or shop window.

A lot has changed in the last year. Starting with Brexit and the seismic effect this has had on the UK watch industry. Europe, once a great source for stock in the past, has become more expensive to buy from, given the 20% VAT, import duties and courier clearance costs now being charged.  Surely, watches should be subject to a 5% VAT rate, like Artwork & Antiques. Discuss!

To compound this issue, many dealers use Chrono24 as their shop window to sell to watch enthusiasts throughout the world.  However, I am certain sales in Europe were a high percentage of revenues generated each year by UK retailers, when the playing field was level. Now, it does not look quite so rosy.

Many dealers that I have spoken to, including ourselves (The Chrono Duo, by the way!) are unhappy with the seemingly ever-increasing costs of advertising and promoting their watches through C24.

We, the watch retailing community were just getting to grips with this shift in the market when Covid-19 hit our shores; starting what we know now to be a year-long suspension of normal business activities.

Everyone had to change habits of a lifetime; going to an office, retail shop or other places of work was ceased overnight with working from home becoming the new norm. Even the bastion of going to the pub for a quick cosy pint by the fire was banned.

When times change, it is time to change.  Think outside the box.

We thought of Chasing Chrono!

We are all watch enthusiasts, car fanatics and most importantly, we’re driven to provide a watch buying experience that we hope will be like no other.

Founded in July 2020, mid-pandemic and early in the ‘pubs reopening’ season, the idea of a low-friction, easy to navigate watch retail site providing 1,000s of watches to like-minded buyers was born.

The feedback from the industry and enthusiasts alike has been fantastic and it is our ambition to make Chasing Chrono the ‘go to’ watch site for those looking to shop smart.

It has not been easy to get to where we are today and we recognise we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help, and let’s be honest, your patience. But we are getting there.

We currently have, just shy of, 3000 watches on our platform ranging in price from around £600 to over £1,000,000; from over 130 different watch brands, with c80 number of dealers already engaged with us to make it happen.

A big THANK YOU from all of us!

We are aiming to double the number of watches for sale on our platform in the coming months, so spread the word and together we can do it.

Wow, if you have read this far, well done, but I think I am pushing my luck now :0) Nonetheless, one final push…

I would love to see an email entitled “Here’s something interesting” hit my inbox, simon@chasingchrono.com sometime soon.  We want and crave your participation.

Thank you and good luck everyone!

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