Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make an offer for a watch you need to register and complete a simple profile. Once your profile is set up you can place an offer directly through the site to the dealer.

There is no fee to either buy or sell on this platform

The Estimate is the price the accredited seller has put on the watch; there is however a “Starting Price”, approximately 20% below the Estimate. If you make an offer for a watch at any price above the Starting Price, the accredited dealer will automatically be alerted to your interest.

The Starting Price is the lowest price you may offer for a watch and that will alert the accredited dealer to your interest; it will normally be approximately 20% lower that the Estimated price.

Yes, the name of the dealer will be displayed next to the watch, you are welcome to contact them to view the watch. However all of our watches will be accurately described and verified by trade representatives; you may ask for more information or photographs with pleasure, all of our sellers are established traders.

While we will take every possible care to ensure the description is 100% accurate, it is the vendor who is responsible for an accurate description of the watch.

The vendor will have final sign off on the description.

Absolutely, if you need any more information please just ask.

No, however all of the watches sold via a trade seller will be verified by the seller, and we will ask that any private seller takes his or her watch to a verified trader for authentication before offering it for sale.

You can buy the watch straight through the site or should you choose, with the seller direct, Chasing Chrono does not charge transaction fees. There is also the option of an Escrow service should you prefer this route delete (expected by end of Sept 2021).

Yes, if you are buying from a non-trade seller we would recommend using the Escrow service, due to be offered from the end of Sept 2021

We pride ourselves on providing an exemplary service for both buyers and sellers, including absolute transparency on who the sellers are and where the watches are located. We request an accurate description of a seller’s watch so they are represented fairly. The majority of our watches come via a trade seller and their reputation depends on an accurate description.

Buyers have the opportunity to ask any number of questions on a listing or request additional photographs prior and during the offer process.

It is important that buyers are happy that the description of the watch is accurate prior to making an offer.

Please contact us where a dispute arises, and we will investigate on a case by case basis.

The Dealers name and details are listed next to each watch, so you can see exactly who you are dealing with.

We take the privacy of our clients on both sides of the trade very seriously. Your data will not be used for any purpose other than for a buyer’s profile.

Our aim is for all of our clients to be fully satisfied and become return users of our platform

Delivery will normally be arranged between buyer and the selling dealer, our aim is to interfere with the trade as little as possible.

Please contact us for more details.

Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Zero, there are no transaction fees or listing fees for using this website.

Nothing! The seller receives 100% of the fee achieved!

As a trade seller you will be given a “dealer dashboard” that will allow you to list new stock and delete watches as they are sold, the aim is to allow you easy access to manage your entire stock of watches. We can help you upload your initial stock, or assist you at any stage of the process.

Yes, your details will be listed next to every watch, we want to give as much confidence as possible to buyers that they are buying from a trusted and reputable dealer. Buyers will be able to contact you directly to conduct the transaction, we want as much transparency and as little friction as possible in every transaction.

You should provide a full and detailed set of information to us, including the provenance, any recent service, Box and papers present or not, a general condition report as well as quality photographs.

In order for us to produce a representative and accurate listing we need the fullest and most accurate description.

Essentially, you as the seller will sign off on the final version and are responsible for the accuracy of the facts. We don’t want any buyer to be disappointed.

We can only generate an accurate description if we are given the fullest write up by you; and this in turn will give buyers confidence in offering on your watch.

YES! 100% honest. We’re founding our reputation on ensuring we are listing quality watches with an accurate description.

In the event that the watch has been significantly misrepresented we may cancel the sale.


Essentially you do as most of the information and photographs will be generated from your website.

Yes, If the watch needs a new strap or service or repair of any kind, it is better to address these issues before offering the product for sale.

The Estimate is the Price attributed to a watch, the Starting Price is the lowest price at which somebody may make an offer on that watch, (usually around 20% below the Estimate), as a seller you will automatically be alerted to an offer above your Starting Price, and you will then have several options. (1) Accept the offer made on your watch (2) counter the offer with a reduced Estimate (3) Decline the offer and wait for a better offer.

The primary aim of Chasing Chrono is to help our dealer network sell watches, so choosing a realistic Estimate is key. Should you wish to lower the Estimate at any point, you can do so via your dashboard or we can assist.

Yes, absolutely. There are no fees to list, buy or sell so the friction in the trade is zero, unlike a lot of other platforms.

Once you have agreed a price the buyer can either pay directly through the platform or pay you direct.

If the buyer refuses to pay, you or a trusted seller will still hold the watch; in that case contact us straight away and we will aim to resolve the problem, you will agree with the buyer exactly how delivery will take place.

If your description is honest and accurate and the photos are clear, there should be no dispute.

It would be exactly the same as somebody buying off your own website and being unhappy.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the provenance and facts are all included and 100% accurate as it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they are happy the watch is accurately described prior to making an offer and buying.