A watch buying experience like no other

Welcome to Chasing Chrono – your new home for curated premium, luxury and collectable timepieces.

Our unique platform features 1000s of new, pre-owned, special edition and vintage watches from over 130 brands, ranging in price from £100 to over £1million.

Our story

Like any good story, Chasing Chrono started with a conversation in the pub, as our founders, Gerry and James, vented about the increasing cost and complexity of buying a luxury watch online here in the UK.

Both had experienced how the commission charged by global trading platforms and new VAT rules following Brexit were complicating the business of watch buying and, in some cases, adding thousands of pounds to the ticket price of a dream timepiece.

As watch enthusiasts with a background in business and smart technology, they set out to create the change they wanted to see for British watch buyers, makers and sellers.


What makes us different?

​​No commission charges for sellers

Unlike other websites that charge dealers 5-8% of the selling price of each watch, Chasing Chrono doesn’t charge commission and instead offers retailers a much more competitive flat-rate membership approach. This is good news for sellers, who keep 100% of every watch sale price, and also for buyers, as it avoids hefty dealer commission charges being passed on to them through elevated prices.


Peace of mind for online purchase

We offer the Escrow service as an option for any purchases from non-trade sellers and work with the Watch Register www.thewatchregister.com to provide a further layer of safeguarding for all watches sold by member dealers on our site.


Negotiated discounts for buyers

When you see a watch you are interested in, you can contact the dealer directly with an offer using our frictionless ‘Make an offer’ feature. Sellers feature an Estimated Price and also a Starting Price that is approximately 10% below the estimate. If you make an offer for a watch at any price above the Starting Price, the dealer will automatically be alerted. The seller can accept, reject or counter the offer, all through our platform.


A national marketplace with unrivalled value

Chasing Chrono brings a national network of accredited UK watch retailers together in a single central marketplace to provide transparent and unrivalled value for British buyers and sellers.